Personal Trainer


Feel Full of Energy and Life


Change the Way You Look


Get Motivated to Train

Thought about using a Personal Trainer before, but didn’t think it was for you?

Tried to lose weight, but just could not get it to shift?

Not happy with how you look and feel at the moment?

Can’t find the motivation to either get to the gym or stick at it long enough to get results?

Find life gets in the way of your best intentions, and the promise of starting new next week never happens?

Fed up of being stuck in a rut, lacking energy, not sticking to healthy eating and unhappy with how you look and cant lose weight?

We have all been there. Whether it is getting stuck at work when you should be getting stuck in a the gym, giving a lift to the kids or partner rather than lifting weights or getting takeaways when you should be getting in the kitchen, you are not the first person to feels this. That is why a Personal Trainer is the solution to your problems.

At Robert Day Fitness we help people just like you change their health, body and life for the better. Over years of helping everyday people change their habits and finally get the body and fitness they want, we know what works.

We have been helping clients lose weight, get fitter, become stronger and generally improve their energy levels and feel better about themselves for over 10 years.

We cut through the crap and usual nonsense of the fitness industry, we only get you doing what we know works. No crazy fad diets, weight loss shakes or no hours on the treadmill and living like a hermit. Just honest, hard work, eating real food and being motivated as you get results and feel better.

The only perfect day to start training is today. So call us on and get started on the new you!


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